News Published: October 29, 2018

VERIGRAFT accepted as member in CAMP

VERIGRAFT is happy to announce that we have become members in CAMP (Centre for Advanced Medical Products), a newly-formed prestigious Swedish national center for advanced therapies.

Advanced therapies based on genes, cells or tissues (ATMPs) have great potential to generate completely new ways of treating or even curing diseases. The Center for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP) focuses on the science, technology and infrastructure required to implement ATMPs from laboratory to clinical practice. The center also addresses the systems and organizational challenges identified as obstacles to the development of the ATMP field in Sweden. Integration of preclinical, clinical, technical and other scientific areas, with commercialization skills, will accelerate research implementation, new patient treatments and industrial growth. The project will optimize cooperation between ATMP infrastructure and academy / healthcare activities as well as commercial preclinical and clinical R&D. This will facilitate further development and commercialization of ATMP and increase Sweden’s competitiveness in this area.